Burbank #2

Photo by Vahagn Karapetyan, used with permission

“Unfortunately, this particular alley has no elaborate history or exciting backstory. It is located in Burbank and nested in the midst of obscure warehouses. Perhaps its only redeeming quality are the eerie, yet restrained, warm hues struggling to ward off the blandness that pervades the entire place.” – Vahagn Karapetyan


“[a] deceptively serene depiction…”

Photo by Vahagn Karapteyan

“This was taken in Burbank in the alley behind my house. It is difficult for me to admire this shot because this particular alley is a consistent source of noise and annoyance due to constant car traffic, drug dealing, and dog barking. But of course none of this is apparent to a stranger looking at this deceptively serene depiction, which is probably why I like this picture so much.” – Vahagn Karapetyan