East L.A. #3

LosAngelesAlleysDotComEastLAPhoto by Ebbie Echeverria via Instagram: @beautifulcrimes89 | Used with permission

East L.A. #2

Photo by Mark Peacock, used with permission

Shot near Atlantic Boulevard in East L.A.

The LA River has always been the dividing line between the east and west sides of Los Angeles. — Mark Peacock

East L.A.

By Amayzun

By Amayzun

“I visit this alley quite often, because of the graffiti that is usually on the walls. When I went this particular time and saw this roll of film, it kind of bummed me out because I had just started shooting film and thought that the person who dropped it had to be bummed when they dropped this. I wanted to get on my knees to take this photo but with the not so good aroma of the alley and the questionable puddles on the ground, I got as close as I could and was quite satisfied with the shot.” — Amayzun, via Flickr