Skateboarding in a Westlake Alley #3

We conclude with Taylor’s final shot, which speaks for itself:

Sean Bloom - back tailWestlake | Photo by Taylor Fitz-Gibbon, used with permission

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Tune in next week for another series.

Skateboarding in a Westlake Alley #2

Continue our series, skateboarders in alleys, we stay in Westlake:

Austin Squire - front lipWestlake | Photo by Taylor Fitz-Gibbon, used with permission

The skate photos I shoot are almost always a collaboration between me and the skater.  So yes, they are usually set up to some degree.  When we get to a spot, if I’m not skating myself, then I’ll be snooping around looking for interesting angles while simultaneously talking with the skater(s) to see what tricks they are interested in trying.  Then I’ll envision the trick in my head and try to get an appropriate angle for that trick, which also places that trick within the context of the urban space.  Depending on the lighting and the location, I also sometimes will shoot with two external flashes which are linked up via radio transmitters.  This freezes the action in low light, but can also serve to emphasize the skater within a scene. – Taylor Fitz-Gibbon

Final shot tomorrow and see the whole series here.

Skateboarding in a Westlake Alley

Continuing with our theme, skateboarders in alleys, we travel to Westlake:

Austin Squire - front boardWestlake | Photo by Taylor Fitz-Gibbon, used with permission

Over the last two or so years I have slipped out of the skateboarding world.  A lot of the people I used to shoot photos of moved away, got injured, or just generally stopped skating as much.  My life also got infinitely more busy once I started studying for my masters in urban planning at UCLA, so I no longer have the time to spend many hours each week exploring the streets and then come home and process all the images.  I do however, still skate from time to time, and my experiences as a skateboarder still have a daily impact on my life as a student of cities. – Taylor Fitz-Gibbon

More tomorrow…


Photo by Eric Rios

Photo by Eric Rios

“The alley on this morning looked particularly clean and peaceful. That however changed at night. I believe the alley was a hangout for drug users and dealers and not to mention the gangs in the area as well.” — Eric Rios, via Flickr