Echo Park #2

LosAngelesAlleysDotComEchoPark – Photo by Paul Michael Neuman | Used with permission

I was with [my daughter], heading to Origami Records on sunset (Thurston Moore there), and had parked the car on Glendale heading north (on the east side of Glendale, in front of, or just near, a stretch of small store), just a bit south of the sunset overpass, and ran back a bit to take the photo: looking east.

–Paul Michael Neuman.

Skateboarding in a Highland Park Alley

For the next two weeks, here on, we’re going to try something a bit different. Usually, we run one shot each post depicting a beautiful part of the city, reveling in the single majesty of forgotten parts of this city. This week and next, for a change, we’re going to run photographs each day from two different photographers featuring a themed take on alleys.

We start with Taylor Fitz-Gibbon, a graduate student at UCLA, who emailed us a series of photographs of skateboarders in alleys. We’ll continue next week with Barry Gillfry, a photographer whose pictures reflect a solitude and peace – in alleys – that can be hard to find in the hustle of a big city.

Taylor takes it from here:

LosAngelesAlleysDotComHighlandParkHighland Park | Photo via Taylor Fitz-Gibbon, used with permission

I grew up here in LA exploring the streets on a skateboard. As a skateboarder, you are intimately connected to the physical city. You pay ridiculously close attention to the fine-grained forms and textures of the urban landscape. It becomes second nature. You are also in-tune with the psychology of different city spaces. Abandoned, undefined, dead spaces repel others, but offer respite for skateboarders who always feel on-edge in more controlled spaces. Alleyways are a prime example of the type of neglected space in which skateboarders feel most comfortable. – Taylor Fitz-Gibbon

More tomorrow…

Downtown #13

Sent to us by our friend and Los Angeles Alleys contributor Mark Peacock:

Downtown #12

Photo by Erwin Recinos

Photographed in the Warehouse District of Downtown L.A., near Santa Fe Avenue.


Photo by Scott Giebel, S.G.J. Photography

East L.A. #2

Photo by Mark Peacock, used with permission

Shot near Atlantic Boulevard in East L.A.

The LA River has always been the dividing line between the east and west sides of Los Angeles. — Mark Peacock