Chinatown #7

Photo by Tam Truong, used with permission:



Chinatown #6

View of Ferguson Alley in Los Angeles’s old Chinatown, November 1933

On loan from the USC Digital Library. Thanks to Flickr user gsjansen for pointing us in the right direction.

Chinatown #5

Photo by Elaine Layabout

The image was taken three years ago, on august 24, while i was spending my birthday in chinatown taking street pics . . . that particular alley is on the north side of 835 n. broadway, looking toward tak shing hong, which sells chinese herbs and groceries . . . it was the golden hour, and the fiery glow of late sun on the red painted bricks made the alley look like a portal to another world . . . i took an uncharacteristically long time to set up this shot and then took just one, because the moment passed very quickly . . . i have gone back to that alley several times, but it has never looked the same. – Elaine Layabout

Chinatown #4

Photo by Keith Johnson

It seems our recent post from Chinatown caught the eye of a local photographer. Minutes after going live, we received a message from the Twitter files as Keith Johnson chimed in: “was there too, photo field trip months back, shot from an art gallery window.” On investigation, Keith, a Photoshop, digital photography and photography 101 teacher at Beverly Hills Adult School expounded a bit:

[It was] early saturday afternoon a few months ago, a field trip for my photo students, chinatown’s fun to explore.

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Chinatown #3


As the sun set on another summer day in the city, Chinatown prepared for a busy Saturday night. This alley presented the perfect combination of austere beauty and mysterious calm wrapped in a dingy sidestreet that defines this blog’s focus and our love of Los Angeles alleys. –Jeremy Oberstein


Photo by Kolby Kirk

Photo by Kolby Kirk

“I found myself walking around the Chinatown neighborhood late at night, looking for unique views of the downtown skyscrapers. I probably trespassed into apartment complexes a few times before I stumbled upon this narrow alley.”
Kolby Kirk, from a photo uploaded to Flickr.