Echo Park #2

LosAngelesAlleysDotComEchoPark – Photo by Paul Michael Neuman | Used with permission

I was with [my daughter], heading to Origami Records on sunset (Thurston Moore there), and had parked the car on Glendale heading north (on the east side of Glendale, in front of, or just near, a stretch of small store), just a bit south of the sunset overpass, and ran back a bit to take the photo: looking east.

–Paul Michael Neuman.

Echo Park

By Thomas Jensen

By Thomas Jensen

“I passed this alley walking down Douglas towards Sunset in Echo Park and I liked the way it looked; with the lonely old couch against a cinder block wall with some graffiti and a few very LA palm trees off in the distance. I also like the way colors came out on this old roll of cross-processed expired slide film.” — Thomas Jensen