Hollywood #7

LosAngelesAllleysDotComHollywoodPhoto by Mark Hulbert | Used with permission

Hollywood #6

Photo by famed L.A. photographer Mark Peacock | Used with permission

Hollywood #4

“a tad more beautiful…”

Photo by Ren Rentz, used with permission.

“On Melrose, life is a tad more beautiful if wearing Prada while driving Porsche.” – Ren Rentz, via Flickr.

Hollywood #3

“[A] pleasant surprise…”

Photo by Yogendran

I was in Hollywood for a day or two. As I was walking along Vine Street, I came across an alley almost out of nowhere. It was a pleasant surprise for someone like me, I reckon. I found the shadows in the foreground very appealing, especially against the bright blue sky in the background. Everything else, from the fire escapes to that wet streak smack right in the middle, seemed to perfectly fall in place. – Yogendran

Hollywood #2

By Alex

By Alex

“It was taken directly behind the Hollywood Masonic Temple/Jimmy Kimmel Live studio in Hollywood. I work in the building next to this one, so I’m out in this alley all the time.” — Alex, via Fickr.


Photo by Ross Reyes

Photo by Ross Reyes

“I’ve always found it cinematically intriguing that the entrance to The Hotel Cafe is in an alley hidden from the street, so one day instead of just taking shots of the inside, I took a shot of the outside…” –Ross Reyes via Flickr.