Central Industrial District, Downtown

“For us, just another night…”

“It was the day after Christmas. For us, just another night underground. We arrived in a huddle and left no footprints.” —Solomon Wolfson

Used with permission.


Little Tokyo #2

“An interesting place to be…”

Photo by Stephen D. Friday

I used to co-run a blog about downtown Los Angeles called angelenic before I moved to Amsterdam last year. One thing that was always important to me during that time was to show through my photography how diverse and quirky the neighborhoods of downtown are to people who don’t know them. I think this photograph captures a side of that personality. It was taken from a hidden little strip called Wholesale Alley near Little Tokyo. Unfortunately that day the businesses were closed and their roll gates were down, but the view made it an interesting place to be nonetheless. – Stephen D. Friday

Downtown #4

Photo by Mark Peacock

Mark Peacock, via Flickr:

Alleys are the back door to the places where we live and work, the façade and mask of the front can’t hide the bowels of where things are discarded and where the least among us in society search for sustenance ………….