Downtown #13

Sent to us by our friend and Los Angeles Alleys contributor Mark Peacock:

Downtown #12

Photo by Erwin Recinos

Photographed in the Warehouse District of Downtown L.A., near Santa Fe Avenue.

Pacific Palisades

Photo by Gina Doland, via Flickr.


Photo by Scott Giebel, S.G.J. Photography

East L.A. #2

Photo by Mark Peacock, used with permission

Shot near Atlantic Boulevard in East L.A.

The LA River has always been the dividing line between the east and west sides of Los Angeles. — Mark Peacock

Downtown #11

Photo by Ferdinand, used with permission.

Photographed next to the Museum of Neon Art on 4th Street, between Main and Spring.

MacArthur Park

“…just [a] mundane aspect of their neighborhood.”

Photo by Benjamin Y., used with permission

This specific alley caught my eye because of the interaction between the individual in the alley and the person in the SUV. These small alleyways around LA may seem unique and interesting to photographers, but to many people who live in the area, it is just [a] mundane aspect of their neighborhood. – Benjamin Y.

Burbank #2

Photo by Vahagn Karapetyan, used with permission

“Unfortunately, this particular alley has no elaborate history or exciting backstory. It is located in Burbank and nested in the midst of obscure warehouses. Perhaps its only redeeming quality are the eerie, yet restrained, warm hues struggling to ward off the blandness that pervades the entire place.” – Vahagn Karapetyan

Downtown #10

“Late day alley”

Photo by Travis Duke. Used with permission.

” It was MLK day in downtown and it was a warmer day after all the rain we had. I passed by on foot and noticed the nice streak of light at the end of the day. I particularly liked the shot because of the kids in the background looking like shadowy figures hiding from the blinding light.” – Travis Duke