Hollywood #6

Photo by famed L.A. photographer Mark Peacock | Used with permission


Pacific Palisades

Photo by Gina Doland, via Flickr.

Hollywood #4

“a tad more beautiful…”

Photo by Ren Rentz, used with permission.

“On Melrose, life is a tad more beautiful if wearing Prada while driving Porsche.” – Ren Rentz, via Flickr.

MacArthur Park

“…just [a] mundane aspect of their neighborhood.”

Photo by Benjamin Y., used with permission

This specific alley caught my eye because of the interaction between the individual in the alley and the person in the SUV. These small alleyways around LA may seem unique and interesting to photographers, but to many people who live in the area, it is just [a] mundane aspect of their neighborhood. – Benjamin Y.

Burbank #2

Photo by Vahagn Karapetyan, used with permission

“Unfortunately, this particular alley has no elaborate history or exciting backstory. It is located in Burbank and nested in the midst of obscure warehouses. Perhaps its only redeeming quality are the eerie, yet restrained, warm hues struggling to ward off the blandness that pervades the entire place.” – Vahagn Karapetyan

Little Tokyo #2

“An interesting place to be…”

Photo by Stephen D. Friday

I used to co-run a blog about downtown Los Angeles called angelenic before I moved to Amsterdam last year. One thing that was always important to me during that time was to show through my photography how diverse and quirky the neighborhoods of downtown are to people who don’t know them. I think this photograph captures a side of that personality. It was taken from a hidden little strip called Wholesale Alley near Little Tokyo. Unfortunately that day the businesses were closed and their roll gates were down, but the view made it an interesting place to be nonetheless. – Stephen D. Friday

Salvador, Brazil

It’s rare we feature other cities, let alone countries, in our continuing quest to showcase some of Los Amgeles’ most beautiful alleys. Recently, we ran Derek Bridges’ mysterious and alluring shot of a Michigan alley and, today, we are proud to show off Salvador, a Brazilian town on the eastern edge of South America’s largest country.

While Bridges’ portrait has little connection to L.A. – the picture wound up in our inbox and who are we to turn away beauty, Salvador’s connection to our fair city runs deep. Since 1962, Los Angeles and Salvador have been Sister Cities, a largely ceremonial bond that L.A. also shares with 24 other global metropolises, from Athens to Vancouver. See the list here.

But the real reason why Salvador is featured below, is because the photographer – who just happens to be the brother of your humble Los Angeles Alleys curator – returned from Brazil and brought back these brilliant shots:

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Van Nuys #3

Photo by Lucy Martikyan

As I was driving through a dark alley, my car lights exposed an even darker side: Carts full of belongings dusting the emptiness of the road. A man had found a home in an alley. – Lucy Martikyan

Downtown #6

Photo by Jesse Childers

I was just exploring downtown LA one day with my camera, and for some reason this alley caught my eye. I wanted to test out my new tripod to do an HDR photo – Jesse Childers.